Koncentra has been investing in Sweden, Finland, France, Estonia, Czechia and China since 1999. We believe that the key to success with our investments is that we focus on building a long-term sustainable business in deep collaboration with the existing management teams and potential minority owners without focusing on short-term exits or dividends. We support our group companies by providing growth capital as well as strategic, operational and financial expertise. We also have a large network of contacts that our group companies can tap into for help with financing as well as with strategic transactions.

Koncentra is a small but experienced organization that is able to evaluate transactions and perform due diligence quickly and on short notice. The extensive experience of our team make us comfortable in handling complex negotiation situations and innovative transaction structures. The fact that the team has worked closely together for over 20 years and know each other extremely well, enables us to make quick decisions, which in turn provides potential partners the feedback and commitment they need without delay.