Aiab energy AB

Aiab energy AB


Timrå, Sweden

Aiab energy AB was founded in 1970 and is a supplier of system solutions for power supply, primarily within the fields of standby or backup power and mobile power generation systems. Aiab's key offerings include automated backup power systems, single and/or parallel operated systems for stationary applications or as mobile modular systems, all within the 10-2500 kVA range.

Aiab is a leader in its field in Sweden and has approximately a 40% share of the relevant Swedish market. Its key customers include the Swedish Emergency Service Agency (MSB), the Stockholm Public Transport Agency (SL) and the Swedish military (FMV) to which Aiab has been an almost exclusive supplier for over 35 years. Although Aiab historically has focused on supplying the Swedish market, it has since 2006 developed an export program and is currently supplying portable power supply solutions to the Norwegian military and is expanding its offerings to several other markets in Europe.

Since 2012, Aiab is a qualified supplier of power supply equipment to the NSPA, the NATO Support and Procurement Agency and has several certified products with an NSN (NATO Stock Number) in NATO's database.

In 2015, Aiab signed an agreement with EATON regarding distribution in Scandinavia of their DC power solutions.

All development, manufacturing and assembly is done by Aiab in its own factories in Timrå, north of Sundsvall, Sweden. The Company employs about 45 people and Koncentra Verkstads has been the majority owner since 2003.

JKT-Power Finmec Estonia AS

JTK Power Finmec AS


Tallinn, Estonia

JTK Power Finmec Estonia AS (“Finmec”) is a subcontractor of mid-size welded and machined metal components like machine frames, masts, booms and parts of exhaust systems for large semi-fuel engines. Finmec was founded in Estonia in 1994 and became part of the Koncentra Verkstads group in 2005.

The company has a full in-house production system within the area of cutting, bending, CNC-machining, welding (both manual and robot) and surface treatment, which enables them to control both quality and delivery terms.

Finmec’s main customers are globally listed companies such as Cargotec OY, ABB, Sandvik and Wärtsilä.

Finmec is certified by ISO 9001, ISO 3834, EN 1090 and employs about 90 people.

JKT-Power Oy

JTK Power Oy


Vöyry, Finland; Wujiang, China

JTK Power Oy (“JTK”) is a dynamic medium-sized workshop with three main business areas and was founded in 1958 in Vaasa, Finland, with the initial focus on the manufacturing of fire and shelter doors. Development and manufacturing of exhaust systems started in 1998 and in 2001 the company moved to new premises in Vöyri, about 35 km outside of Vaasa.

  • Development and production of advanced silencers and catalytic converters for ship engines, power plants, offshore rigs and the processing industry.
  • Advanced CNC machining of parts for ship engines and power plants.
  • Manufacturing of steel doors with high security for police and military authorities.

JTK uses qualified technology and software in product development related to acoustic design and flow measurements and has the in-house ability to conduct full-scale tests of sound attenuation and pressure losses from DN200 to DN1600.

Since 2012, JTK has had a subsidiary in Wujiang, China for customers that need advanced silencers and catalytic converters in the marine, power plant and process industries.

Koncentra Verkstads acquired JTK in August of 2013. JTK currently employs a total of about 90 people.

Koncentra Pistons Oy

Koncentra Pistons Oy


Pietarsaari, Finland

Koncentra Pistons designs, manufactures and markets large bore pistons for leading manufacturers of medium speed diesel and gas engines. Large bore engines used in marine applications, as well as, in power plants, are exposed to severe combustion conditions. Such combustion environments require pistons that can resist high combustion pressure, high temperatures, heavy wear and extreme corrosive conditions.

Koncentra Pistons is applying proprietary state-of-the art R&D Technology to design piston structures, cooling systems, surface treatment and manufacturing processes of pistons and have invested in the most advanced CNC and Automation Technology for efficient and quality assured manufacturing.

Koncentra Pistons’ technology provides the best possible performance by achieving:

  • Outstanding ring groove wear
  • Excellent support surface performance
  • Light structure
  • Improved fatigue strength
  • Cost competitiveness

Koncentra Pistons is approved by ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

The company was founded in 1997, employs about 40 people, is located in Pietarsaari, Finland and Koncentra Verkstads acquired the company in August of 2016.

Malmstens Verkstad AB

Malmstens Verkstad AB


Ljungby, Sweden

Malmstens Verkstad AB was founded in 1969 and is a subcontractor of larger and heavier products within the area of CNC-machining, welding, robot-welding and assembly.

The company has extensive experience partnering with large industrial organizations in manufacturing both semi-finished and finished steel components for industrial use. The group is equipped to handle requests for large and heavy-duty components and can manufacture using any method and type of material.

Major clients are Toyota, Konecranes and Cargotec.

Malmstens Verkstad AB employs about 40 people and Koncentra Verkstads became the principal owner in 2010.




Bordeaux, France

OXYMETAL Group is a leader in industrial cutting in Europe

  • 10 production sites in France and Czech Republic
  • 400 people
  • €64M sales turnover
  • 42.000T of steel processed per year
  • The largest machine fleet in our sector in France: 29 laser machines, 11 flame cutting tables
  • Certified ISO 9001: 2015
  • Aerospace certification EN9100:2016
  • Welding certification ISO3834
  • Environmental certification ISO14001 planned for July 2020

The OXYMETAL Group, at the cutting edge of technology for more than 30 years, offers its manufacturer and key account Customers a comprehensive service: technical reviews, detailed price proposals, process audits, PPAP deliveries, machine capabilities, monitoring plans, etc., as part of an approach combining continuous improvement, quality and safety.

Based at 10 sites, the OXYMETAL teams are on hand 24 hours a day, 7 day a week to produce parts ranging from 0.2mm to 400mm in thickness in a great variety of materials (steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass, etc.).

Our finishing expertise and capabilities (Bending, machining, welding, surfacing, levelling, shot blasting, etc.) enable us to produce complete assemblies.

Our inspection equipment, measuring arms, scanners and profile projectors mean that we can ensure dimensional tolerances down to a few microns.

We guarantee complete command of the process, from the supply of raw materials to the final inspection of the product and its dispatch via appropriate logistics (stock management, Kanban, JAT, etc.).